10 Signs She is Not a Wife Material

Possessive wifeSo…you are wondering whether she’s a wife material? Have thoughts of popping the big question crossed your mind? If you’re trying to figure out whether she is the right person to spend the rest of your life with, you are looking in the right place. Here is a list signs that she might not be good enough for promotion to being a wife:

1. She is too envious

If your girlfriend is unreasonably envious when you hangout with your female friends and colleagues, it’ll be a big problem should you get married to her.

2. She doesn’t respect your boys

When your girlfriend doesn’t respect your boys then you should not pose the big question. Your boys are people who  go  way back   in  your life .If you girlfriend suggests  that  you should keep away from them  just  keep in  mind that  you two can never be married. It’s one whopping sign that she is not a wife material.

3.  She is too insecure

When your girlfriend wants to know all that you have been up to! If she stalks you and suggests that all your attention should be driven to her, then she doesn’t trust you. Well, if she can’t believe you now, and you are clearly not in the wrong – better not marry her or it will get worse when the two of you are married.

4. She is materialistic

If your wife is so into material possessions, this is one of the surefire signs she is not a wife material . She always wants you buying her expensive shoes, jewelries or handbags! Be assured that she is only after your money and a good image to show case to others. Definitely no substance for a good wife!

5. She is a non-committer

If she is a non-commiter  then she is a no-go-wife quality zone. She is someone who is never committed to her  friendships, her work assignments or  colleagues .Do not expect her to be committed to a marriage because sooner or later she would want to walk out.

6. Sex drive incompatibility

If your girlfriend sexual drive is incompatible with yours, keep your distance. Her sexual drive might be higher or lower than yours so it is better to find out before you set your mind to marry her. Sex being paramount to a good relationship it’s safer not to marry her if your sexual drives are different.

7. She doesn’t appreciate you

When your girlfriend does not appreciate your personality and she always wants to change you – an absolute sign she is not a wife material. If you are planning to marry someone ensure that she appreciates you and aims at helping you become better.If she does not do that, then she is not a wife material.

8.She doesn’t know how to prepare your best dish

Another one of the devil-in-the-detail signs she is not a wife material, your girlfriend does not know how to prepare your best meal. When you see she is making no effort to learn how to prepare it then don’t marry her cause she will never do it.

9.She is not independent

When your girlfriend doesn’t make any effort to achieve anything in life! She hasn’t set any goals for herself and is not bothered by the fact that she is always dependent on you. This proves that she is not a  wife material.

10.She has cheated on you

If your girlfriend has cheated on you while you were dating, this is a sign she is not a wife material! You can never get any assurances that she won’t cheat on you again.

Keep your eyes open just as much as you open your heart. Keep looking for these signs that she is not a wife material.

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